Finding a good real estate agent can be a challenge. There are many great real estate agents out there who are worth the money. But there are also those who are not. Doing your research will help you find the best agent possible. If you decide to sell through a real estate agent, I hope you can use these tips to find the best one for you.


Things to look for in a Real Estate agent:


  • Someone with local knowledge and is locally based
  • Someone who is willing to go the extra mile
  • Someone who you feel comfortable with and trust
  • Someone with a great track record- good results and high prices


When searching for a real estate agent there are some questions you should always pose, including:


  • What do they know about the real estate market?
  • Are they knowledgeable about your area?


Find Someone who is Local


Finding a local real estate agent is a very important step. You want someone who sold the house up the street, someone who knows your area. However, instead of just choosing someone who has sold in your area, you may need to a bit more digging as this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good real estate agent.


Find someone willing to go the extra mile


I can give you an example of one I know locally. This particular agent is usually tied up because he has so many listings, everybody thinks he gets the best result—a little hint, he doesn’t. He’s not open to other ways of doing things and doesn’t listen to what his vendor wants.


For example, the vendor was willing to sell the property with a subject to finance cause. However, it was the seller’s expectation that this agent would get in touch with the broker, and find out where the buyers were getting their finance from before signing off. But the agent didn’t think this was his responsibility.


You want to make sure your agent is willing, or rather wanting to go the extra mile for you.


Find someone you feel comfortable with

You also want someone you feel comfortable with. Someone who listens to what you say, rather than saying what they want.


There’s an old expression ‘we have two ears and one mouth’, we need to listen, not talk.


A good salesperson will spend more time listening than talking. They will listen to what the potential buyer needs. Once they ascertain these needs, they can point out why your home is the best home for them. For example, you may have four bedrooms, but perhaps they don’t need four bedrooms. What they do need is a large, entertaining area for when the family comes over. So that would be the point, if they had listened, they should be able to sell your property to the right owner.


Do your research, check their track record


To find a good real estate agent, you will also want to check their track record. What have they sold? Did it sell at the median price? Or have they sold it above average?


When I first started out, I would attend lots of opens and meet a great deal of real estate agents. I would give them my details, pretending I was an investor, to see who would call back—see who was attentive to my needs.


When I went to these open houses, I would show a great deal of interest in a couple of properties. Once, I came across an agent; I asked him lots of questions, but it seemed like I was interfering with his day. He did two open houses. I went to both, and gave him my details. Then, a year or so later, I was doing a joint venture, and we had an interview with this same agent, and he presented brilliantly. As he left, my joint venture partner looked at me and said, ‘yay, we’ve got our agent’. But unfortunately, we did not. Those few times I had met this agent, he didn’t show any interest and didn’t care about what I had to say or do. I don’t know what he was busy doing, but selling the property was definitely not high on his priority list. I learned that it’s always good to see an agent on the other side.


I have found some great real estate agents through attending open houses. The ones that pester you and call constantly are the best. We all have busy lives; we may be interested in something but don’t get around to sorting it—sometimes we all need that little nudge.


There are lots of good real estate agents out there who are worth the money. But unfortunately, there are also some who are not. As I mentioned in my last blog, I believe that if any real estate agent suggests you auction your property, they aren’t worth it. You want an agent who has a great track record, is locally based, one you feel comfortable around, someone who is willing to go the extra mile and has good results with high prices. If you decide to sell through a real estate agent, I hope you can use these tips to find the best real estate agent for you.


Goodluck and if I can be of anymore assistance, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m always happy to help. You might decide you don’t want to sell through a real estate agent and instead go with someone like me, who buys properties and adds value through development and renovation. I always pay a fair and reasonable price, but I will also let you know if it’s not a suitable property for me, and I will share whether I know a good real estate agent in your area.