Joint Venture Opportunities

A joint venture partnership in real estate investing is when two or more people (or companies) join forces to buy and sell, lease and manage, or develop real estate. Whether buying, selling, or just getting started, teaming up with another developer can be advantageous for several reasons, such as:

I offer joint venture partnership for residential property development projects and I’d love the opportunity to chat to see if we can work together.

Call me on 0409763673 to discuss joint venture opportunities.


My Joint Venture Experience

My husband and I started our property investing journey with our first home in 1982. We paid that home off with hard work and budgeting over the next 15 years, then we used the equity to leverage into buy and hold property. We purchased units and build houses in Victoria, Queensland and regional South Australia. We then went on to purchase, hold, and eventually sell property in Atlanta in the USA.

We thought property development was a journey to do on our own but it was this single-mindedness that cost us some success with the buy and hold strategy.

During this time I also renovated and sold many properties. While successfully completing these renovation projects, I found the intensity of time investment did not fit with my family needs.

My parents were getting older and had some serious health issues that required a lot of managing from my end, along with supporting my son who was raising his son alone. My parents had supported me and I wanted to give back. Switching strategies to property development allowed me the freedom to fit within these constraints.

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to find joint venture partners who had more knowledge about property development than me at the time. From there, I gained the knowledge and confidence to move forward with many of my own successful JV projects.

Now, I am the one with the knowledge to help others get started in the property development field, and I’d love to work with you. 

Robyn Williams Property Development Before After 900x600Robyn Williams Property Development Before After 900x600
Robyn Williams Property Development Before After 900x600Robyn Williams Property Development Before After 900x600
Robyn Williams Property Development Before After 900x600Sell your own property preparing house for sale

Over the years, my property development projects have included:

  • wanting to downsize

  • dealing with a deceased estate

  • moving into aged care facilities

  • moving into retirement living

  • selling their investment properties

  • want to sell their home as is
  • want to avoid paying agents commission & fees

  • want to avoid having open homes

I now primarily focus my attention on property development projects within South Australia’s metro suburbs, however I am open to discussing project opportunities elsewhere.

The most important ingredient for me in any joint venture is that we can all work happily, easily and harmoniously together. I personally like to work toward all of my projects being fun, easy and profitable for all involved. I also love to share both the knowledge and the wealth along the way. The best JV partnerships align with these values also.

I find that a successful property development project brings together the following components:

  • The project or the land/deal

  • Time and Knowledge

  • Finance

  • Cash component

Take a look at the following project examples to see how a JV property development partnership can work with me:

Joint Venture Property Development Project ~ Mitchell Park, South Australia

Sally had a $350k line of credit but no additional borrowing capacity.
Together, we found a non-conforming, private finance company with a lending rate of 10% plus a 1.25% p/a establishment fee.
We constructed three row dwellings in a time of frame of 15 months from purchase to end sales.

Result: Sally made an additional $60k from her $350k investment.

Joint Venture Property Development Project ~ Hectorville, South Australia

David borrowed $1 million through a traditional bank with a low construction interest rate of 3.29% p/a.
He also put in $100k cash and we borrowed an additional $200k from one of my sources at 12.5% p/a.
Over 16 months, we constructed three row dwellings.

Result: David earned an additional $95k on his original investment.

Joint Venture Property Development Project ~ Oaklands Park, South Australia

My brother and I inherited this property. We built three dwellings on the block.

Result: We sold two dwellings and he kept one. I also made an additional $100K to put into my next project.

Joint Venture Property Development Project ~ Plympton, South Australia

What does a JV Partnership look like with me?

Having worked with Robyn for a number of years on several projects, she is always a pleasure to work with. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in property development, maximising a profit out of any property is Robyn’s specialty, as she has an in-depth knowledge across Adelaide’s changing market. She has an uncanny ability to navigate any problems that may arise along the way, which is a reflection of her solution-focussed attitude.

In addition to her technical expertise, she is an exceptional person. She is honest, caring, good-intentioned and an excellent communicator who always strives to create a win-win result for all parties to a transaction. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Robyn to anyone looking to learn property development, or to maximise the most out of their property.


Our company has worked with Robyn for a number of years now on several different projects.  Robyn has always been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is very knowledgeable in her field of work, a clear communicator and is always open to change, to help her achieve maximum profit for each project.  Robyn is also a lovely, caring, easy lady to work with and we sincerely cannot wait to work together on her future projects.

Lofty Project Management,

I have known Robyn Williams for at least 7 years and have been very glad of this. She has been/is like a mentor to me regarding property developing. Not only has Robyn help us with the finding suitable property but all through the developing process from acquisition to sale of property.

She is trustworthy, honest and very easy to get along with. Not only from a business point of view but personally I would recommend Robyn’s service to anyone.


I genuinely care about delivering a positive and fair outcome for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

The usual arrangement is 50/50 share. My part of the projects is deal finder, project manager, I teach along the way, project coordinator, using my time, knowledge, expertise, and experience. The JV partner/s provide the cash and/or borrowing. There are no guarantees or licenses provided as part of the JV partnership. Contact me to discuss potential projects, outcomes and profit share arrangements.

An investor that provides borrowing power has the title in their name for both security and covering their cash component. Equity is created through plans and permits and sub-division. Any separate Cash component, not from the purchaser will receive loan documentation.

I can source the deal, run feasibility (which I suggest you verify yourself first), accounting, project coordination, manage the original purchase from survey, council, consents, builders, quotes, sales, sales contracts (beginning to end project coordination). It’s up to you as the JV partner as to how involved you want to be. Some people don’t have the time. Others want to learn and have a more hands-on experience.

Please see the examples on this page above or contact me for information about other projects.

How To Get Started

It all starts with a simple chat. From there we figure out what each of us brings to the table, what we can each contribute to the partnership, and whether or not we are a good fit to work together.

Take the first step now. Contact me for an obligation free chat.

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