Have you recently lost a loved one and now find yourself with an estate to sell? Selling a deceased estate can be a very difficult time, but perhaps I can help to make things a little easier for you. Selling direct to a property developer like me means honesty, flexibility, no agent fees and no need for cleaning or home inspections.


Firstly, let me offer my sympathies. Loss of a loved one can be a very emotional time. I can empathise with you as both my parents have now passed. My mother passed away first and my father followed her, shortly after entering an aged care facility. It is especially difficult at this time of year, especially around the holiday season. Their absence is felt deeply.


How can I help as a property developer?

As a property developer, I purchase property that I can add value to. What I look for is property that can be developed or may need renovations. How this works is that I buy the property direct from you, without you having to go through all the hassles of listing a property on the market and dealing with open inspections. This can help to make selling a deceased estate easier and more flexible for you.


What about the probate period?

Now, in case you do not know, selling a deceased estate can be tricky, as you need to go through a period of probate. Probate is a legal process to validate the Will of a person who has passed. The executor of the Will has the power to sell the property during the probate period until subject to probate being completed. What this means for you, as the executor, is that you don’t need to sit back until probate has finished to sell the property to someone like me.


I know it’s not easy to deal with these practicalities, especially with all the emotion you are going through. By selling to someone like me, we can help you through the process and make things easier and more flexible for you. So, if I was to purchase the property once under probate, we could work out the terms that work best for you. These could be subject to probate or whatever else you might need.


What will happen to my loved one’s belongings?

Selling to a property developer like myself gives you flexibility, therefore, plenty of time to move any personal belongings. If you don’t wish to do this, this is another area that I can help. We can take out what’s important to you and arrange for everything else to be disposed of, as per your requirements. There’s no need to tidy and clean or have people walk through the house, imposing on your loved one’s privacy. I work with you to make this process as simple and painless as possible.


What will it cost to sell the deceased estate direct to me?

This process won’t cost you anything except your conveyancing fees, which you will need to pay no matter how you sell the deceased estate. The conveyancer is there to protect your legal rights.


What will you get for the deceased estate? 

I will always pay a fair and reasonable price for the property. If your property doesn’t happen to be suitable for my requirements, I can inform you on how to get the best possible price.


Does this sound right for your situation? What now?

How this works is that you and I get together and have a chat. We see what you need, and if we can figure out something that works for us both. If we both choose to go ahead with the sale, one of my entities will purchase your property directly from you with no middleman. This situation should work for both of us. However, if not, I can explain the best way to go about selling the deceased estate through other means. I’m more than happy to help you where I can, I know how difficult this time can be.


So if you think this could be right for you, click here to give me a call and let’s see how I can help you.